Writing Systems

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The Ancient Mediterranean and Southwest Asia saw a great number of writing systems come into use and fall out of it. The most important for this site are:

In addition to these writing systems, which were in common use, there are also scripts designed purely for ritual or magical purposes:

  • Pseudo-Ibn Waḥšiyyah on Various Scripts: a 10th-century CE collection of many real and invented alphabets, including unique scripts for each planet and zodiac sign; also a symbolic interpretation of Egyptian hieroglyphs (disconnected from ancient usage).

Pages on further details about these scripts (e.g., the many early variants of the Greek alphabet) or on other writing systems (such as Persian cuneiform and other adaptations of cuneiform writing; the Meroitic alphabet; the alphabets of Asia Minor; Old Italic scripts like Etruscan; runes and the Gothic alphabet; Ogham; Mandaic; Geʽez; etc.) may be added in the future.