There is much to say about prayer, but when it comes to putting the theory into practice, nothing is more useful than seeing some concrete examples which one can adopt or (more likely) adapt.

  • Simple Prayers: a (growing) collection of simple prayers taken from various literary contexts, which may be used as models, and as examples of the great diversity of prayers. Several of these excerpts include some degree of theorizing about the role or nature of prayer.
  • An Athenian Prayer: a prayer for rain, quoted by Marcus Aurelius as being in a philosophical spirit.
  • A Pythagoric Prayer: a distich cited in the Second Alcibiades (by an unknown Platonist) as a good model of prayer, and of Pythagoric origin, according to a much later source.
  • Cleanthes, Prayer to Destiny: a prayer in verse popular among ancient Stoics, expressing their ethical ideal of obedience to fate.
  • Prayers from Neoplatonists: a (growing) collection of prayers found in the writings of the Neoplatonists.