Phylactery of the Moon (PGM 7.317–318)

1 Introduction

This is one of the shortest ritual prescriptions collected in the Greek Magical Papyri, but nevertheless interesting. It presumes an equation of the Moon with Hekate.

2 Translation

Another phylactery, towards (pros) the Moon.

“Achthiōphiph Ereschigal, Nebougosoualēth;¹ Sathōth, Sabaōth, Sabrōth.”² [ΑΧΘΙWΦΙΦ ΕΡΕϹΧΙΓΑΛ ΝΕΒΟΥΓΟϹΟΥΑΛΗΘ] (Then add) the usual, whatever you wish.³

1: Variation on the Hekatic/lunar formula Aktiōphi Ereschigal Neboutosoualēth.
2: Variations on the Jewish theonym Sabaōth, ‘(Lord of) Hosts’. Sathōth may also incorporate the Egyptian Thōth, a god connected to the Moon.
3: For example, “Protect (me), born of (my mother), from X, Y and Z.” The names and these words (or the names alone) may be written on some material to be worn as a protective amulet (i.e., a phylactery), but are probably also to be spoken, facing (pros) the visible Moon. This, at least, is my guess as to how this highly abbreviated text is to be used.