Pagan Monotheism: A Bibliography

Although my reading and thinking is often fuelled by frustration, there is one scholarly construction above all that has motivated my efforts: „pagan monotheism“. Interest in the topic seems to have waned in recent years, but the number of essay collections that were published on it have cemented this deeply flawed concept in scholarship. This bibliography is intended (a) as an overview of the scholarship in this area in recent decades; (b) to situate that scholarship, which has generally presented itself as innovative, in a longer history of, not to mince words, academic Christian chauvinism; and (c) to at some point provide links to critical posts that show the argumentative flaws of all the major articles.

For the moment, until I have time to write these posts, I can at least provide the following guidance:
🙂 = insightful
🙁 = not worth reading


… „Arabian monolatry and ambient monotheism“ …


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Approaching late antiquity. The transformation from early to late empire
„The book challenges orthodoxies (for example, Honore on law, Whitby on military life, Edwards on monotheism)“
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Teixidor, The Pagan God