Neoplatonists A-Z

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The (far-off and perhaps impossible) goal of this section is to give an eventually complete set of entries on the Neoplatonists, with information about their lives, teacher-student relationships and works (both lost and surviving); not just including philosophical writers in the narrower sense, but also, for example, late antique writers on mathematics who taught at the Academy of Athens and similar institutions. I also include some Christian thinkers, although they all diverge significantly from Neoplatonism.

  • Amelius Gentilianus: Etruscan philosopher.
  • Ammonius Hermiae: Alexandrian philosopher.
  • Ammonius Saccas: Alexandrian philosopher.
  • Anonymous Neoplatonists.
  • Asclepigenia of Athens: Greek philosopher and ritual expert.
  • Asclepius of Tralles: Lydian philosopher.
  • Damascius of Damascus: Syrian philosopher.
  • Damianus of Larissa: Syrian writer on optics.
  • David: philosopher (Christian).
  • Dexippus: philosopher.
  • Domninus of Larissa: Syrian mathematician and philosopher.
  • Elias: philosopher (Christian).
  • Gaius Marius Victorinus: rhetorician and philosopher (converted to Christianity).
  • Hermias: Alexandrian philosopher.
  • Hierocles: Alexandrian philosopher.
  • Hypatia: Alexandrian philosopher and mathematician.
  • Iamblichus of Chalcis: Syrian philosopher.
  • John Laurentius Lydus: Lydian professor of Latin.
  • John Philoponus: grammarian and philosopher (Christian).
  • Julian: Roman emperor and literatus.
  • Macrobius: grammarian and philosopher.
  • Marinus of Neapolis: Samarian philosopher.
  • Martianus Capella: African educator-literatus.
  • Nemesius of Emesa: Syrian bishop (Christian).
  • Nestorius of Athens: Greek ritual expert.
  • Olympiodorus: Alexanrian philosopher.
  • Plotinus of Lycopolis: Egyptian philosopher.
  • Plutarch of Athens: Greek philosopher.
  • Porphyry of Tyre: Phoenician philosopher, philologist, polymath.
  • Priscian: Lydian philosopher.
  • Proclus: Lycian philosopher.
  • Sallustius: Gaulish politician and philosopher. (Not to be confused with the Roman historian Sallustius.)
  • Scholia on Neoplatonists.
  • Sopater of Apamea: Syrian sophist (rhetorician) and philosopher.
  • Sosipatra: Ephesian philosopher and ritual expert.
  • Synesius of Cyrene: Cyrenean bishop (heterodox Christian).
  • Syrianus: Alexandrian(?) philosopher.
  • Theodore of Asine: Greek philosopher.
  • Zosimus: historian. (Not to be confused with the alchemist Zosimus of Panopolis.)

[This list is a work in progress.]

I welcome any corrections and additions, but note that I do not aim to give comprehensive bibliographies, only to compile the best information.