Cuneiform God Lists

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  • A Marduk God List: a very short, but especially bold, god list, which equates 14 gods with Marduk in respect to certain attributes or domains, e.g., “Adad = Marduk of rain”.
  • The An = Anu ša amēli God List: a medium-length god list, which refers 157 names to about two dozen major gods, e.g., “Šur = Adad of rain”.
  • [WIP] The An = Anum God List: a massive and highly systematic god list in seven tablets, comprising 1816 lines. It encompasses both many names for some of the major gods and individual names for their families, households and retinue.
  • [WIP] Weidner God List: a long, but not very systematic god list, originally a pure list of Sumerian theonyms, but subsequently expanded in various ways (see the Trilingual Weidner God List from Ugarit).
  • [WIP] Ancient Commentary on the Weidner God List: in addition to the many expansions, there is also a substantial fragment from a commentary on the Weidner God List.
  • [WIP] Embedded God Lists: lists of deities taken from contracts, treaties, royal inscriptions and the like.

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There were also Ugaritic god lists in cuneiform and, in an apparently independent tradition, Greco-Roman god lists.

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