Herbs & their Uses

While not as abundant as the literature on “magical” uses of stones and usually ignored in favor of texts more in line with modern conceptions of botany, there are a number of important texts on “ritual” uses of plants:

  • Theophrastus on Amulets: certain “magical” uses of herbs.
  • Poem On Herbs: an anonymous poem on plants and their powers, their connections to the gods, use against sorcery, and so on.
  • Pseudo-Thessalus: [work in progress].
  • Pseudo-Apuleius, Herbarius: [work in progress].
  • Appendix to Pseudo-Apuleius: [work in progress].
  • Cod. Bonnensis 218: [work in progress].
  • Pseudo-Musa, On the Herb Betony: [work in progress].
  • Alternate Plant Names: [work in progress].