Hekatic Bynames

Excerpt from Binding Tablet 242 Audollent

This is just one in a long series of adjurations (exorkismoi), but can be taken on its own as a good example of how Hekatic bynames were put into practice:

“I adjure you (sg.), below the Earth (?), names of Hekate the triple-shaped (trimorphos), the scourge-bearer (masteigophoros), the torch-carrier (daidoukhos), the lamp-carrier (lampadoukhos); the golden-sandalled-blood-drinking-chthonic one (khryso-sandali-haimo-poti-khthonia), the horse-[unclear] (hippeitr[.]), Ak[tiō]phi Ereschigal Neboutosouant!”

For the three names at the end (which may not have been used in Chaldaic texts but are good examples of what they call “barbarous names”), see Aktiōphis Ereschigal Neboutosoualēth. (Ereschigal even is of Chaldaic, specifically Sumerian origin.)