Aktiōphis Ereschigal Neboutosoualēth

The name Ereschigal near the end of the excerpt originates as the Sumerian name of the Mesopotamian goddess who rules the underworld, Ereškigal (Akkadian Allatum). Ereschigal, especially Hekate Ereschigal, appears with some regularity in Greek magical texts, perhaps due to the mediation of Hellenized Chaldaeans like the Julians, but without overt Mesopotamian connotations. We cannot say with certainty that the Julians used it, but whether alone or in a longer phrase like Aktiōphi Ereschigal Neboutosoualēth, it would be an excellent example of the “barbarous” (non-Greek but untranslatable) names used in Chaldaic theurgy and other rites that interested the Neoplatonists. Restoration based on SEG 38:1837 and 48:1031. There the third name is Neboutosoualēth, not –ant.