A New Oracle of Aphrodite–Abundance

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1 Introduction

On this page, I present a new oracle, not newly discovered but newly revealed, about the creation and consecration of a statue for the goddess Aphrodite, or Abundance. With that, I make no special claims to metaphysical knowledge, or normative authority – as I argued in On the Reality of Spirits (Part I), there are practical ethical reasons to postulate that divination and revelation are commonplace, and their prescriptive authority over us quite limited.

The oracular text was not revealed word for word, but produced and confirmed iteratively, with help from the excellent diviner Chelydoreus (off-site link) at the last stage. The wording, differently put, is mine, but under definite external constraints (as well as the fruitful metrical constraints of iambic pentameter, in place of the ancient hexameter).

2 Aphrodite

If you set up my statue, sculpt it well
From finest marble, splendid stone or wood
That shows my beauty and instills my power,
And place it as a marvel for the people.
(5) No hand shall hide the fullness of my breasts,
No garment cover it—unless a veil—,
For it reveals my might and my abundance,
And I will bless the home that holds this image
In pious worship with unbounded plenty.

(10) When you have carved it and inscribed my names
And hidden symbols on the back, then place
The statue on a pedestal, enclosing
The sacred matter in the socle or image.
And let a flow of shimmering water pour.

(15) Perform the consecration as I teach you,
Under the sky or with all windows opened,
Dressed all in white, and with five separate bowls
Of milk, freshwater, oil and wine, and earth.
Burn incense, after praying first of all:
(20) “O Aphrodite, beauteous and beloved,
I consecrate this statue in your honor.
So, may it be a sign of your great power,
And bless whoever sees it with your gifts!”

Take sprigs of rosemary and lavender,
(25) And sprinkle drops of liquid from each bowl
Over the statue, speaking every time:
“I consecrate this work to you, Abundance,
Or Genetyllis, if you like, or Fortune.
May I and all who see it love and flourish!”
(30) And after water, milk, and wine and oil
Have all been sprayed, and fruitful earth been scattered,
Then face my living image and give thanks.

3 Exegetical remarks

unless a veil: the statue may or may not be veiled.

my names and hidden symbols … sacred matter: more information on such matters can be found elsewhere on SARTRIX, for instance in the Liber Orationum Planetarum. You may also use the following characters:

Characters of Aphrodite

let a flow of shimmering water pour: a prescription to make daily libations of water for the statue, as it seems.

Abundance … Genetyllis … Fortune: being advised to find “better names” than Aphrodite here, these are my best attempts to denominate the goddess. See also the pages on Priapus (where Genetyllis is discussed) and on Fortune.

Status: completed (16 June 2022)