All About Priapus

Over the last few days, I have been working on a new page about Priapus, which is meant to be as comprehensive a record of the information we have about him as possible, at least as far as written sources go, short of simply giving the entire text of every passage he is mentioned in. I have also tried to include/describe visual sources to the best of my limited ability. The page is not yet complete, but will be soon.

On this page, you can find, or will soon be able to find:

  • an overview of Priapic (Priapodeis) gods and daemons.
  • all existing information about the genealogy of Priapus, his connection to Lampsacus, and his attributes and offices.
  • an image of the naked man orchid, named priapiskos after Priapus.
  • mythological narratives about the god.
  • a full list of offerings mentioned or depicted as going to Priapus, with their various purposes.
  • an account of his statues and their purpose.
  • philosophical interpretations of his nature.
  • a wonderful hymn to Priapus.
  • a description of the literary genre of Priapea.
  • a brief survey of artistic depictions of the god.
  • a section on the gems of the god, and some suggestions about their possible ritual usage.
  • an attempt to view at all this material through the lense of Neoplatonic theory.

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